360° Wedding Video



1. Recording the most important events
Assemblage, processional, walking down aisle, bridesmaids entrance, wedding ceremony, recessional, wedding reception, dance, or however wished.

We are working with quiet, remote-controlled equipment, which is less intrusive than a photographer or cameraman.
Though nowadays most households have a FullHD camera device, very few would disagree that recording the most beautiful moments of the unrepeatable days are best trusted to professional hands. However, we already have the opportunity for which your grandchildren will be grateful. Relive the moment, don’t miss the chance!

2. Music and editing
Key moments are edited into a video stream and dubbed with the most suitable pieces of music tailored to the 360 video.

Like in the case of traditional video filmmaking, the production of a 360 video demands considerable experience and professional expertise, the know-how of proper camera adjustment, a thorough understanding of the programs, as well as a good sense of rhythm and aesthetics for a professional outcome.

3. Special effect, captions and subtitles
360 wedding videos can be augmented with special effects (animation) and several texts such as captions and subtitles.

The 360 video technology in itself is something that guarantees an enthralling result, and is worth even the umpteenth rewatching. Special effects are added on demand and according to taste, making the video more lively and unique. It is also possible to enrich the video with  artistic elements and extra information in the form of texts.


4. Uploading, formats, private links
The finished video must be converted in a special way to be suitable for showing around, and can be watched online by possession of a private link shared with family members and friends.


The filmmaking process
Having reached an agreement on the quotation, a meeting is organized with the couple in order to specify the details. We strive to pay attention to all tiny needs and wishes, and also make suggestions based on our experience. On the day of the wedding we arrive in time and try to be as unostrusive as one can with remote-controlled, small and quiet equipment.  After the shooting we prepare the process of post-production consulting the couple until the perfect outcome is reached.