360° Wedding Video

Don’t miss out
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360 video technology allows us to record all important things happening simultaneously. The result? Regardless of how many times a video is rewatched, it never gets boring.

About us


Having made hundreds of videos before, we surely know how to make a wedding video both unique and spectacular.

The perfect supplement to a traditional wedding video

While the atmosphere is best captured by a decent traditional wedding video, addititional 360-degreee shots put every single detail in its place.

Discover all the tiny details

Each and every rewatching reveals yet another tiny detail, turning recollection itself into a true experience, and preventing wedding videos from getting boring.

Reliving the big day

The greatest moments of the greatest day of your life are re-enacted with the help of virtual reality. Used with these VR devices, 360-degree videos take you back right into the middle of the big event.

Youtube, Facebook, and private settings

Youtube and Facebook can also display 360-degree videos, and using private settings you can show your wedding video to anyone you wish to share the moment with.


Our mission

Never settling for the traditional way, we always strive to follow the latest trends and use the newest cutting edge technology available in order to create something special.


Our special cameras with 360-degree angle of view are able to record everything that happens in all directions at a given time, thus enabling the viewer to change the angle of view while rewatching.

360 Wedding Video


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360 video technique