360° Wedding Video


What is 360 degree Wedding video?

Relive the moment! Take a look at your wedding! It's possible!

Thanks to this special 360-degree video technique, all important moments happening simultaneously in various directions are recorded at the same time, thus enabling the viewer to literally turn an eye to any angle they wish.


Our mission

360 wedding video

The production of 360-degree videos requires special equipment and expertise. The events are recorded with cutting edge devices and carefully processed during post-production, when they are provided with captions, subtitles, music, and special effects. The result is a truly spectacular and intimate wedding video, which serves as a perfect complement to a traditional wedding video. Since the device records the events in all directions at the same time, it will always be worth taking another look at the shot, and each replay will reveal hidden details never seen before. It is also an excellent opportunity to the guests, since cameras are omnipresent, so it cannot happen that somebody is left out.

The parts of the video are edited into a full stream, which is a worthwile method if we wish to recall the wedding process in a chronological order from the preparations through the ceremony and showering congrats to the unforgettable party.

Impress your relatives and friends with a 360-degree video!

The stunning 360-degree videos enable everyone to relive and re-experience the most beautiful and important moments, and allows to share the bliss and joy with posterity.

Imagine a camera placed inside a soap bubble capable of recording the entire inner surface of the bubble. The camera itself is not visible, but everything around it is clear and conspicuous. There is no such thing as ’behind the camera’, since everything is in front of it!

This is exactly the impression you get when watching a 360-degree video image or video: a bubble magically floating in the air and recording everything around it. More specifically, what makes a 360-degree video so different from a traditional one is that it allows for a  significantly larger angle of view, up to a spherical shape around the camera, so the recording you get is actually a spherical image.

The videos can also be watched on Youtube or Facebook, since both support the 360-degree video format. By possession of private links, users can ensure that the videos are only seen by those they wish to share the experience with. 360-degree videos and virtual reality tools are capable of taking us back to the middle of the big event.

Having made hundreds of videos before, we surely know how to make a wedding video both unique and spectacular.

About us

Never settling for the traditional way, we always strive to follow the latest trends and use the newest cutting edge technology available in order to create something special.

Our special cameras with 360-degree angle of view are able to record everything that happens in all directions at a given time, thus enabling the viewer to change the angle of view while rewatching.


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